Maintenance of Paving


Can I use rocksalt on the paving?

NO. Manufactureres of wet-cast paving do not recommend the use of rocksalt or any other type of salt on your paving.  It will eat into the concrete and cause surface damage to the paving.


Can I use a sealant?

We do not recommend that you put a sealant on our paving for at least 6 months from the date it was laid.  There are various types of sealants on the market which do different jobs.

  • We recommend that you try a test patch first.
  • Please note that some sealants make the paving slippery when wet.
  • Please always follow the sealant manufacturers guidelines
  • Weather conditions should also be taken into consideration when you use your sealant, we recommend that sealants are
    only used in the warmer dryer months.
  • Please be aware that some sealants will  only last a few years and will need to be done again.
  • The surface and joints must be dry, if there is any moisture the surface can turn a"milk" colour.
  • If you intend to use a sealant please contact us and also refer to the following website for good advice:


Dark patches on slabs:

Dark patches may appear on the face of the paving slab. It is a natural occurance as the moisture content in the slab can dry out different parts of the slab at different rates. This should tone down over time and with natural weathering.



Occasionally, after a few weeks or months, white patches may start to appear on the surface of your paving stones. This is known as efflorescence (or white bloom).

Efflorescence is a natural phenomenon and can occur with all cement based products, as well as other paving products. It may appear randomly and will possibly appear more pronounced on coloured paving. The white bloom may give the impression that the colour of the paving is fading but, when wet, you will find that the efflorescence vanishes and the paving returns to its original shade. The white bloom will often return again when the paving dries. Be reassured that efflorescence has no detrimental effect on the performance of the paving and will generally disappear with time. 


How does efflorescence occur?

All concrete products contain cement which produces water soluble calcium oxide (lime). Concrete paving stones contain millions of tiny invisible pores; when moisture penetrates into these pores - either from rain, dew or condensation - it dissolves part of the lime to make calcium hydroxide. When the paving dries out, the calcium hydroxide rises to the surface and reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air, sometimes leaving a white bloom of calcium carbonate once the water has evaporated.


Will efflorescence disappear naturally?

Yes. The efflorescence action is arrested by carbon dioxide reacting with calcium oxide within the pores of the concrete, so blocking them. The efflorescence itself is then, over a period of time, either converted back to soluble salts and washed away by rain or simply disappears through the action of trafficking, snow or ice. Once the efflorescence has disappeared naturally it does not usually recur. It is therefore not necessary to replace the paving or to take other measures against efflorescence.


How long will efflorescence last?

This is difficult to predict as factors such as climate conditions, location and aspect (damp/shady or open/sunny) are variables which can affect the extent of the phenomenon. However, on average, it can take from 12 months to two years to disappear.


Can efflorescence be removed without the wait?

Efflorescence may be removed with a proprietary brand patio cleaner, but be sure to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions as incorrect cleaning can result in damage and discolouration of the paving surface. Efflorescence may reappear if there is free lime within the paving or the pores have not yet been blocked. Ideally, the new paving should be left several months to allow as much of the lime as possible to leave the concrete to minimise the risk of recurrence.

Brackla Patio Centre cannot accept responsibilty for the effect of efflorescence which can be characteristic of all good quality products with a high cement content.

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